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About Us

Founded by entrepreneur and Managing Director Lu Xin in 2000, Jiande Jiaxuan Company specialises in the manufacture of colour flame candles.

We pour most of them by hand as they are made of special crystals that do not flow easily in wax candle machinery.

We own our own patents and are innovators not imitators.

We invest heavily in research and testing – with all our candles tested in independent international test laboratories. Through our collaboration on Faerie Flames with Herbaria and Gleneagles of Edinburgh we pride ourselves on a truly international approach to business.

We operate our business to the highest standards – in terms of product quality, safety and environmental impact, and ethical standards. Without our dedicated staff we would not exist and we look after their welfare and wellbeing.

We have been passed as fully compliant with UK and USA sustainability policies issued by supplier companies who also demand the highest ethical standards.

Jiande Jiaxuan Company is on the outskirts of Jiande, a city located in the western Zhejiang province of China. The beautiful city of Hangzhou is to the East, Mount Huang to the west and the Xin’an River, the Fuchun River and the Qiandao Lake all pass through the city.

Our factory is adjacent to the newly completed motorway which connects us directly to Shanghai – our nearest shipping port.


2013 Hong Kong Gift and Premium Show

Booth No: 5F-B42
27-30 April 2013

2013 Mega Show Part 1

Booth No: 1B-E13 (Hall 1B)
20-23 October 2013

2013 Mega Show Part 2

Booth No: 3F-D 7 (Hall 3F)
27-29 October 2013


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